It is the sheer breadth of contributors that makes State of the Left so special. From Auckland to Amsterdam we have an unrivalled network of correspondents, sharing the latest developments on the centre left in their country with our unique global audience.

What unites all those who write for us is their passion for progressive politics. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, and include leading policymakers, political advisers, pollsters, political scientists, trade unionists, business leaders and journalists. Each brings special inside knowledge of the country they are chronicling.

Our one rule? That those commentating on developments are not themselves active politicians.

Ever sat reading our latest despatches and thought ‘I can do that’? If so we would love to hear from you. We are always looking to expand yet further the range of voices we hear from. Don’t be deterred if we already have writers covering your country, we are delighted to get different perspectives.

If you would like to share your analysis do get in touch with Barry Colfer.

Few pointers to have in mind: State of the Left articles should be under 800 words; written in English; from a progressive perspective and have as their starting point recent events in the country under discussion.